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Kaniere Water Race

Kaniere Water Race Walkway  View PDF here
Comprehension and Retrieval Questions. Answer in full sentences.

  • When was the water race built? The Kaniere water race was built in 1875.

  • Why was the water race built? The water race was built so it can supply water for the gold
  • sluicing and to turn on the turbines at the powerhouse to generate electricity.

  • How was the race modified in 1907? The water race was modified by installing 2 iron pipes and
  • extending to provide sufficient volume and pressure.

  • Where was the flax mill? The flax mill was near Kaniere.

Vocabulary Questions. Answer in full sentences in the context of the story.

  • What is a sluice? A sluice is a way to clean out dirt with water to find gold.

  • What is a scenic reserve? A scenic reserve is a protected area but the public can access.

  • What is timber? Timber is a processed wood that has been cut and it can be used for building

  • What is a flume? A flume or a channel is made out of wood to carry water.

Inference. Answer in full sentences.

  • Who do you think would have benefited most from the building of the water race and how?
  • I think that the electricity is more important because it made the water race still available to
  • the public and it helps with cooking light etc.

  • Why do you think the water race was built from timber?
  • The raceway was built from timber because in 1875 that was the only resource they had.

  • Why was the water race abandoned only six years after it was built?
  • The water race was abandoned because the enormous amount of money wasn’t paying off.

Difficult Investigative Questions. Answer in full sentences.

  • How much would  £23,800 in 1875 convert to in $s today? It will be 47206.70

  • How far is it to travel from Lake Kaniere at ‘The Landing” to the township of Ross?  It is 32.9 km.

  • What happened in a New Zealand flax mill? How many flax mills have been on the west coast
  • of Aotearoa/New Zealand,  te Tai Poutini? There are 161 acrossw New Zealand

  • Choose one nga manu / bird or nga rakau / tree mentioned in the reading.  
  • Research and present an information report on your chosen animal or plant.  

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Bruce Bay Poem

Bruce Bay Poem
Where rainbow trout jump
And the trees fall into stumps
The quads roar
And the oars row
The minos are hooked
And the whitebait patties are cooked
All the way down in Bruce Bay.

Ski Trip Response

On the 14th of August, Tuesday Room 1 went on a ski trip to Porter Heights.
I was traveling with my dad and brother and took us about 2 hours to get there.
When we got there we all told to line up outside the door where you get a number and when
your number gets called you go into the fitting room where get your ski boots and skis.
When the whole class got their ski boots on we all headed over to the beginners slope for a lesson.
We first learnt how to stop and the way to do that is you have to turn your feet in to make a pizza shape,
we then learnt how to turn by lean on one side and zig zag through the cones and up the magic carpet.
After the beginners lesson I asked Ms Kemp if I could go on the intermediate slope with the pomer lift.

For the first time going on the pomer lift I went ¾ up the slope with Erin to show me what to do
after 3 to 4 goes I went to the top of the slope with Erin what you have to do is go side to side so
you don’t go straight down the slope and you don’t have to break all the time. I then got to go by
myself down the slope the time I went I fell over but I started to process slowly and get better.
As it started to get to 3:00 o’clock I was I step away from going on the chair lift but it was time to
go and hand in my skis and boots and started heading home with a sweet tea which spilled all over
me because dad slammed the brakes on but apart from that I thought it was fun with my time skiing.

Participation Solo

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