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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How To Make A Purerehua

Purerehua Poem

I find the perfect tohorā’s wheua
Buried deep in cold sand.

I sprint back home
find the rugged sandpaper.
I keep rubbing till smooth.

Carved and drilled
Plaited and tied
Ready to go for a ride.

As the swings buzz, the moths come
Rain roaring

And the mokomoko rattling in the bush.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Scavenger Hunt Perimeter

Measurement Scavenger Hunt
You may work on your own or with a buddy.  
You need photographic evidence of your recorded measurements.
Find an object that is exactly 1 cm long
Find an object that has an area of
20 cm²
Find an object that has a perimeter of approximately 10 cms

There is a plus or minus of 1.5 cms
Find an object that has an area larger than
10 metres²
Find an object that is 4cm wide
Create two different shapes that each have an area of 24cm²
Locate an item that is ⅓  of a metre high.
Find an object with a perimeter of 1 metre
Measure the length of the tallest girl or boy in the class and compare this to the length of the shortest (currently) girl or boy in the class.

Science Fiction Writing

               War At Jupiter
As I walk confidently into my luxurious lab I see a retort bubbling
and raging as water vapour rose up to the steel roof of the lab.
It was time to put my yellow rubber gloves on,
my hands were steady like a snake about to strike,
my steady hands slowly went towards the raging retort and my
finger touched the retort.

Suddenly there was a rumble,
I dashed under a steel table like a springbok.
CRASH! The retort smashed to the ground from a 3 metre fall
shattering all over the ground. As my gleaming glowing
gold badge scratches along the rusty metal floor of the lab.
One of my commanders rushed into the lab to help me.
I scoop up my rugged badge and dashed out into the fresh air
and slammed the door. I look at my million dollar broken badge
and my name was scratched off, Captain Silver. After getting
out of the chaos I see grey smoke rising up from the
smashed retort, I look more suspiciously at the retort
I could see a timer saying choomah 10 seconds,
suddenly there was a BOOM! It sounded like a guy landing
on his back at the pool, but then everything was dead silence.
My blue eyes looked up at the cloudy sky and there was a flash.

I then start making a plan to get to space I think about lining
up 50 troopers and get my rusty red rocket ship out and load
up troopers and I jump into my seat and hold the steering wheel
My workers finish filling up the rusty red with some furious fuel
and in 3 , 2 , 1 BOOM! I look out my window and I am already off
Earth but suddenly I see yellow dots on a planet, I look at my
detecher It said planet Jupiter. I spin my wheel towards
Jupiter as I get closer I see explosives going off I

land the ship on the other side of the crazy choomahs
I then line up the 50 troopers and start walking nervously while
exploring Jupiter. After walking for 10 minutes I see a few
choomahs I tell the troopers to get their guns ready.
Suddenly gun shot fire away it was like a game of chess
attack after attack, as 30 wounded troopers lye on ground
I then take out the last choomah but then there was a
humongous flash and the last 20 troopers died.
I then stand face to face with the choomah leader Bumble Brutus,
but then I see another retort with yellow bubbling liquid,
I then sprint to and I threw the retort at Bumble Brutus.
Then suddenly there was a massive flash and everything
disappeared and find myself at the luxurious lab.

Book Review

Freak The Mighty By Rodman Philbrick

Freak The Mighty is a fiction based story.
Freak the Mighty took place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States.
The setting took place here because Rodman Philbrick went to high school
there so Rodman Philbrick thought that this will be a good place for a setting.

The main characters in this book are Max and Kevin.
Max known as Kane was a person who got called slow, stupid and dumb,
his mother died when he was 4 years old and his dad Kenny was a murderer
and got put in jail when Max was 4.
Now Max lives with his grandparents, Grim and Gram. Kevin,
the other main character,
is a very small boy with a disease that stops him growing
this disease is called Morquio Syndrome.

Freak the Mighty is a story about a boy who gets bullied because of his size
(Max) and a very small boy with growing problems but very smart.
Kevin came along to help Max with his school work.

The message that I got from Freak the Mighty was relilence
because Max was waiting for his dad to get out of jail so he could help him
because Max was about to give up.
The other message in this book is friendship
because when Max was getting bullied Kevin came a long and helped him
and became friends.

The thing that I liked about this story was how at least every character
had something had happened to them is the past and how they
solve the problem, I also liked how people turned into friends.

I think that Freak the Mighty is a good book for 10 years and up because
Freak the Mighty is a book that looks at issues around murder.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018