Monday, 17 December 2018

Poutini and Waitaiki

Poutini was a taniwha that was the guardian of Pounamu,
however he did have one fear which was Whaitipū the god of sandstone.
Whaitipū took refuge at the bay, Mayor Island which is in the Bay of Plenty.
One day Poutini saw a woman called Waitaiki coming to the water to
bathe but then Poutini captured her and swam upstream. Awhile after
Tamaāhua realize that Waitaiki was missing, he got his magical dart
and threw it up in the air and the dart pointed to where Poutini was.
Tamaāhua chased Poutini for a long time until Poutini give up at the
Arahura River. Poutini would not let go of Waitaiki so Poutini turned
her into greenstone.
Pounamu is found on the west coast, south island

The Tasman Sea is also known as Te Wai Ponamu

Ice Ice Baby

Summer Learning Journey #2

New Zealand's population is around 4.7 million and 1 million is
in the south island and 32,000 on the West Coast, with most of them
living in Greymouth. Greymouth is a fun town with lots of walks around
the Tasman sea and native bush. It is quite a calm town with lots of
eating places and good ocean to surf in, and lots of whitebait nets in
the grey river between Greymouth and Cobden. I think that Greymouth
is a great and fun town to live in.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Narrative Story


Loose gravel skids beneath the car wheels as I try to turn the corner.
Drifting smoothly I change it up a gear and see humongous towering trees
shadowing above my aquatic blue bonnet. I hear Zachary saying,
“Turn right then turn left.” I spin the wheel right and think how on earth am
I going to get champagne showering over me after a massive win in Finland.

The pressure is getting there with 30 degrees outside, I’m in a top gear
car and my ears hear the roar of engines and wheels skidding. I’m hoping to
keep my position as 3rd and slowly start to come 1st. In the middle of a windy
rocky road I hear a massive pop! I say to Zachary, “There's something wrong
with the car.”

I look out the window and see a popped tire. Zachary looked
at the closest pit stop and sighed saying “it another 2km away!”
“The rim is starting to spark and get destroyed, it’s going to have more repairs.
Zachary yells 1km to go! I keep on going and going until I see my pit crew
I spin the wheel left, the pit crew is away working like bees and in no time were
off again to stand on the top of our car holding that shiny shimmery gold cup.

Ahead of us I see a distinctive grey car. Zachary grasps “this is 2nd place
ahead of us and there’s only 4km to go until it’s all over. I change it up to 6th
gear and put the foot right down on the accelerator and overtake with a smooth
sliding drift. Axel there's only one more to go just give gas because there’s only
1km to go, I've got to hold this position of 1st 500 meters, 400 meters, 300
meters, 200 meters, 100 meters, 50 meters and victory!

The crowd has gone wild hats getting thrown in the air.
Me and Zachary stand on top of the car and spray champagne
everywhere and of course the shiny sparkling gold cup raised in the air.
Well done to Axel and Zachary you have won the 2018 Finland Rally
Championship (commentator.) After the big celebration me and Zachary
will definitely be remembered this for a long time.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Science Badge Presentation

On Friday Room 1 got all their science badges presented to number of
classrooms. Some science badges were in the corridor and some in
the classroom with number of interactive activities.

My science badge was on astronomy and interactive activity
is trying to order the planets from closest to the sun and furtherest
from the sun. A lot of kids didn’t know how to order the planets because
they haven't done work around space in a long time.

I thought this went really well and gave some kids a reminder
on what order the planets go in.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Friday, 2 November 2018

Dragon's Eye

WALT - Follow visual instructions
  • Complete origami task
  • Mix colours with thought

Success Criteria
  • Completed a dragon’s eye according to the visual
  • Loaded a photo of my dragon’s eye onto my blog.